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August 2012
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Writer/Actors Brian McCann and Brian Stack Share Stories of Breaking Into Hollywood

In this episode, I have the immense pleasure and honor of talking about comedy with "Conan" writer/actors Brian McCann and Brian Stack. Both guys are two of the most hilarious men you will ever meet. Stack and McCann both started in the improv world in Chicago and from there got hired to write on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien." They've created and portrayed some of the most memorable characters on late night TV. We cover many topics from performing at Improv Olympic in Chicago to talking to Walter Cronkite while dressed as Frankenstein to having one's bare ass on national television. 



Brian McCann is a brilliant writer/performer who has had an extremely successful career in television and film. Brian Stack is jealous of this.



Brian Stack has been with Conan since ’97, and has played such characters as The Interrupter, The Ghost Crooner, and Frankenstein.  He performed at Chicago’s Second City for 4 years, and still performs regularly at UCB and IO-West.  He has also appeared on “30 Rock,” “The Office,” and “Eagleheart.”

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Writer/Actor/Comedians Steve Agee & Scott Chernoff Share Stories of Breaking Into Hollywood

In this episode, I interview two guys I would describe as "fucking hilarious," Steve Agee and Scott Chernoff. They are both writer/actor/comedians with many amazing credits to each of their names ("Jimmy Kimmel Live," "The Sarah Silverman Program," "Tom Goes To The Mayor," "Two Broke Girls," to name a few). Steve and Scott are old friends who first met taking classes at the legendary improv company, Groundlings. They talk about what it was like to be in Groundlings, and what it was like to get "kicked out" of Groundlings and how that ultimately led them to their careers. We also talk about other topics from Steve Martin to "Three's Company" to getting paid to watch TV.


STEVE AGEE is an actor, writer and comedian whose comedy career began with stand-up and taking classes at The Groundlings. Steve's writing credits include JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, THE ANDY MILONAKIS SHOW and various Channel 101 productions. Steve's acting credits includes dozens of appearances on film and TV from co-starring on THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM on Comedy Central to the feature film SLEEPING DOGS LIE to recent shows such as 'TWO BROKE GIRLS and HAPPY ENDINGS. 


SCOTT CHERNOFF is a writer, actor and comedian who currently creates comedy videos for CONAN on TBS.  Beyond Conan, Scott has also appeared multiple times on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM, and THE LEGEND OF NEIL, as well as Tim & Eric's TOM GOES TO THE MAYOR on [adult swim], THE DISH (Style Network), the movie "Fred & Vinnie," and commercials for the likes of AT&T, KFC, IHOP, T-Mobile, ABC, and other important acronyms. Scott has written/directed dozens of videos for adultswim.com, ComedyCentral.com, CHANNEL 101, SuperDeluxe, JibJab, and MTV-Italy, plus his current web series TV GUIDE LETTER THEATER with rising podcast star Alison Flierl.  Jokes told daily on Twitter @ScottChernoff.

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Actress Mircea Monroe Shares Stories of Breaking Into Hollywood

In this episode, I get to chat with one of my favorite friends and a super talented and funny actress, Mircea Monroe. Mircea currently can be seen on the small screen on EPISODES on Showtime with Matt LeBlanc and on the big screen in MAGIC MIKE. Mircea shares her story of breaking into acting and talks about everything from being eaten by a Pterodactyl to pantsless Skype meetings to working with legendary comedy writer Bill Lawrence.  


You would never guess, but this whitey was raised in the Solomon Islands and Fiji (she’s exotic you guys). Monroe has quickly become one of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars and has done it without sleeping around! Mircea first showcased her acting skills in the theatre, but quickly moved on to the big and small screens where she has proven to be as versatile as she is beautiful (blah blah), having earned starring roles in comedies, dramas, action, and genre pictures.  She prefers comedy, but loves a good cry as well. 

Monroe is just as recognizable on the small screen, having starred on Fox’s high-octane series “Drive.” She has also starred in eight other pilots that were not picked up, which sucked because she was ready for stability and fame in the midwest. In addition are a kazillion guest-star appearances including “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” “Scrubs,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “Without a Trace,” “Rules of Engagement,” “Chuck,” “Franklin & Bash” and numerous sketches on “The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien” and now “Conan.” These were great because they pay well (with the exception of  “Conan”). 

Monroe is currently a series regular on Showtime’s critically acclaimed comedy series “EPISODES” created by David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik, starring opposite Matt LeBlanc. David created “Friends” so if he and Jeffrey hired her, then she’s validated as a human being. She also recurs on the CW's super cute show "Hart of Dixie." It's awesome except because it's AFTRA, it doesn't contribute to her health insurance plan which means you may see her at the free clinic from time to time. 

Monroe currently lives in Los Angeles but hopes to move as soon as she can. Her twitter name is @missmircea. Please don't send her pics of your penis (you know who you are).

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"Breaking Bad" Composer Dave Porter Shares Stories of Breaking Into Hollywood

In this episode, I have the immense honor of interviewing Dave Porter, the composer for the best show on television, Breaking Bad.  We talk about everything from his musical influences as a kid (Miami Vice) to couch surfing in New York and working for Phillip Glass.  Dave’s an amazingly talented guy and I hope you enjoy this podcast!



Dave Porter began his musical training at the piano at age five, and began composing as a teen. He studied classical and electronic music composition at Sarah Lawrence College, and started his professional career at Philip Glass’ studio in New York City. Dave is the series composer for the Emmy-acclaimed drama “Breaking Bad” on AMC, and was awarded an ASCAP Film and TV award for “Breaking Bad” and the FOX Studios paramedic drama “Saved” which aired on TNT. He also served as music editor on the final season of the HBO drama “Six Feet Under.” He was the composer for the documentary “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”, which premiered at Sundance and is currently airing on Showtime.  He is currently at work on “Smiley”, a feature horror film from director Michael Gallagher of YouTube’s “Totally Sketch.”  His scores also appear in the dramatic films “The Oh in Ohio” (Parker Posey, Danny DeVito), “Ultraviolet” (Milla Jovovich), and “Vacancy” (Kate Beckinsale).  Dave is currently working on the 5th season of “Breaking Bad,” further expanding the unique blend of ethnic and electronic instruments that have become a signature of the show.

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